Attendance: Classroom attendance is compulsory for the listed module dates. Students claiming illness must present a Doctor's note within 7 days of a missed class. All classroom components MUST BE ATTENDED in order to successfully complete the Program.

LATE examinations and assignments will NOT be accepted.

Instructors are available by telephone and email.

Lessons may be emailed to: 
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Students must complete the following:

  • Comprehensive written examinations plus an all inclusive final examination.
  • Manual examinations plus a comprehensive final practical examination.
  • Study assignments.
  • Provide validated proof of completion of the required supervised practicum hours.


Marks: students are required to keep track of their marks to insure that they maintain a minimum passing grade of 70% in all subjects. Students achieving less than this at any time after the second exam should request an appointment with the Registrar as soon as possible.

Practicum/Work Experience: students are required to obtain 400 hours of clinical work experience during the program.Students unable to successfully complete the required practicum in the required time frame will not be able to successfully complete the Program. All school rules apply during practicum placement.

Personal Conduct: Our intent is to provide a positive, comfortable, informal environment conducive to learning. Argumentative, confrontational or negative behavior is unacceptable. Respectful behavior towards self, instructors and fellow students is compulsory.

Dress Code: Students are required to dress in a professional manner suitable for a Manual Osteopathy career at all times. In addition:

  • Clean cargo, yoga or scrub pants are all acceptable. Blue jeans are NOT permitted
  • No long, painted or artificial nails
  • Minimal jewelry and makeup
  • No exposed cleavage or torso skin
  • No heavy fragrances-perfumes, oils, aftershave, deodorant or hair products
  • No bare feet. Students may wear any type of clean INDOOR footwear with or without socks
  • Long hair is to be tied back during treatments


Cell Phones, iPods, etc: these are all very disruptive in the classroom and are not allowed. They can be used in the student lounge, but not in class. Those of you with small children will be able to check for messages regularly during breaks. Please contact your instructor directly if you have a special situation that needs to be addressed.

Home Based Assignments: assignments are to be completed at home and brought to class completed. 

Program Fees, Refunds, Withdrawals: as a licensed vocational school we are bound by the guidelines presented on the Alberta Student Enrollment Contract.


Students Who Fail to Meet Requirements:

Every attempt is made to assist the student in successfully completing the program. In the event that problems arise, the following procedure will come into effect:

  1. Those students having difficulty with the material are required to request an appointment with the relevant instructor(s). Every attempt will be made to provide the student with a supportive learning environment that will help them understand the materials.
  2. In the event that a student's marks do not improve on subsequent examinations the Registrar will issue a Letter of Academic Probation stating the improvements necessary to successfully complete the program.
  3. In the event that the student's marks do not improve sufficiently to maintain the required average, or if it obvious based on the current mark average that the student will not be able to successfully complete the Program, the student will be issued a letter of Academic Termination.
  4. Students that are unable to meet the required class average, and/ or students that consistently fail to complete assignments, fail to attend required classes, or are unwilling to apply themselves appropriately will be issued a Letter of Academic Termination and will be asked to leave the program immediately.