Len Balogh and Lori Lounsbury have always worked from a therapeutic perspective, and in 2001 when they opened the Northern Institute of Massage Therapy to train others in these advanced techniques.  Of special interest was the advanced osteoarticular techniques called Lensen™ taught in a self-published textbook to second year students.  During this time, Lori and Len continued to learn, refine and identify more techniques to help those clients with chronic pain. There were also utilizing concepts in the orthopedic, chiropractic and physical therapy fields when they realized that Osteopathy was the basic forerunner for all of them.  After extensive study and clinical practice, they established the National Manual Osteopathy College in 2012 – the first Manual Osteopathic College in Western Canada.

They are the founding board members of the National Manual Osteopathic Society, which was established to provide an avenue for graduates of National Manual Osteopathy College to obtain operating insurance and 3rd party billing privileges.

Len continues to provide Manual Osteopathic techniques and Lori is the program content advisor for NMOC.


Program Objective

National Manual Osteopathic College (NMOC) provides professionals working in a therapeutic environment with a set of additional evaluative and corrective techniques that will quickly and efficiently correct problems that current techniques are unable to address. We provide the 4 cornerstones of manual osteopathic practice:

Lensen™ (Osteoarticular Techniques)Visceral Manipulation, CranioSacral Techniques and Advanced Fascia Release

NMOC provides an intense program to allow professionals to improve their treatments and business preparation

Upon graduation of our Manual Osteopath program, alumni are eligible for Membership with the National Manual Osteopathic Society (NMOS), which allows for insurance recognition with select providers

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Our Instructors

Instructors of the program are either fully qualified Manual Osteopaths or have years of experience treating and teaching in the modality they are presenting. eg. Visceral Manipulation.


  Petra Bierkos Post, DMO, RMT, CLT, Certified LensenTM Instructor
  Osteoarticular Instructor
  Petra has been practicing RMT for over 8 years and practicing Manual Osteopathy for over 6 years. Petra works in a busy, multi disciplinary clinic in Red Deer, AB. She is a founding member of the Fascia Research Society and is interested in encouraging the dialogue and collaboration between clinicians, researchers, and academicians. 




Richard Stuart Photo 4

  Richard Stuart, DOMP, CBI, CBP, DNM
  CranioSacral Instructor
  Richard has a doctorate in Natural Medicine, is a Manual Osteopath, and is a Certified Body Talk System Instructor for Advanced Modules. Richard operates a busy multidisciplinary clinic in Calgary, AB. He is a foundering member for the John McTimoney School of Chiropractic in Oxfordshire, England. 




Joanne Guenther Pic 4

  Joanne Guenther, RMT
  Visceral Manipulation Instructor
  Joanne has expanded her knowledge by teaching numerous courses with NIMT and NMOC. She has retired from her own homebased clinic to travel the world. Joanne was fortunate to travel to Vietnam in 2012 with the Liddle Kidz Foundation and teach infant massage at orphanages.





  Zarko Svetanov, DMO, RMT
  Advanced Fascial Release Instructor
  Zarko is a skilled therapist bringing over seven years of experience as an RMT. He’s held leadership roles at large multidisciplinary clinics and he was an instructor at Mount Royal University’s Massage Therapy Program. Since 2015 he has specialized in fascia and connective tissue and has trained under an advanced fascial release instructor. Zarko runs his own manual osteopathy and massage practice in Calgary, AB.


NMOC has policies regarding the following:


  • Be in class and ready to start for 9:00 a.m. commencement
  • Classroom attendance is compulsory for the listed class dates (refer to Academic Schedules) 

Absence: If a student is absent, they are responsible for the following:

  • submitting all required assignments by the original deadline via email (use CamScanner app)
  • contacting the school to arrange to complete the missed written and manual examinations before the next scheduled class
  • obtaining all class materials and manual technique information from classmates – NOT instructors or staff
  • LATE assignments will NOT be accepted

Personal Code of Conduct, Dress Code, Cell Phones, iPods, PDA's etc, Zero Tolerance for Drugs & Alcohol

Noncompliance of the following Policies may result in immediate dismissal

Sexual Harassment Policy, Plagiarism, Cheating

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Campus Area Services

Most students travel from all over western Canada to attend their studies at NMOC. 

Affordable & Clean Hotel Accommodations

We have preferred rates from the following hotels when booked direct
When calling to make your reservation, please mention that you are a student from the National Manual Osteopathic College.

Days Inn        5010-40 Ave, Innisfail AB                    403-227-4405
Super 8          4704-42 Ave, Innisfail, AB                   403-227-6001
Motel 6           4512-42 Ave, Innisfail, AB                   403-227-2214          


Parking Lot

Parking is free

We suggest that you use the parking lot NE adjacent to the building at the Henday Mall
Street parking is available


Town of Innisfail taxi services

Innisfail Associated Cab - 403-227-2229 or 403-227-2272